Travel To Croatia

Travel To Croatia

The Secret Of Why Should People Travel

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Let’s base the fact! Tourism became one of the biggest industries in the world. Today, everybody talks about traveling. At your workplace, when having drinks with your friends, at the family house, even on your first date! It’s a perfect topic which can make you talk for hours. Dreams or reality, traveling is always present in our head. So why do people love to travel? We could hear millions of answers but I believe one thing makes it all the same.

Always remeber where you come from

First of all, we all have a place where we come from. Our starting point. Even when we are traveling our mind has to fly away to our point „A“, maybe just for a second. It can be a positive or negative thought. I know it’s mostly negative, especially if you are on vacation and you know you have to go back to work soon. (Obvious tip: I strongly recommend you not to think about work when you are travelling, think about the present moment and the cocktail in your hand!).

But at the end, this is your home, your bed and your pillow, so why hate it? You love to travel and really soon, you will be travelling to another awesome destination anyway. Oh, the pillows. Please don’t carry one on the trip. This is something I will never understand. Explain me why would I carry my pillow to another country? Ikea is like everywhere! First of all, I have 3 of them, which one to take? Second of all, I don’t want to feel it like at home, I am traveling and want another new experience! And third, my suitcase is already overloaded with half of clothes I am not going to wear! (My apologies to the pillowish travelers <3). To sum up, let’s base the fact that you are a foreigner wherever you are traveling, but your little „gajba“ (In Croatian it means sweet, little, cozy apartment) will always be your best place to settle the emotions down and sum up the memories. Another thing, if you like your country, don’t forget to spread some good word about it out there into the wild and remember that wherever you go, your behavior will be a picture of your country in the eyes of the others. Cool isn’t it? 🙂

Business or pleasure? Doesn’t matter

Sometimes we travel for the business purposes and don’t see a thing in the city, and sometimes we have 2 weeks to explore each stone on the street, but both travel examples will give you a chance to feel the spirit of the city. Only one moment can make it happen. Furthermore, you need to be aware that you are in another place, you are surrounded with the million different lives with different habits or behavior. Air is also different there, lights, streets, language… From one perspective you do not belong here and from another, you definitely belong. (Sorry for a little bit of psychological poop, but we are talking about good vibes here, and good vibes are awesome!) If you are lucky and get this feeling, just in a second, everything will become so simple and easy.

Last year, when I was working in one pharmaceutical company,  I had to go on a business trip to India. It was actually my first business trip, my first trip to India, I was traveling alone, and had to do training through motivational presentations about one purchasing IT system in 3 different cities.

New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India

Why am I writing like this is something big is because it was one of my first big challanges, I was left alone in a country of a  more than a billion people and I am 26. Luckily I got that “good vibes“ feeling and everything went so smooth. I met a lot of great people, colleagues, which became my friends, learned something from me and I also learned from them, I even had a time to see some beautiful places in India, but most importantly, in each moment, I had a feeling I am traveling and that there is no any worry which will ruin it. I was having an enormous experience which I will remember for the rest of my life. (Huge “Hello“ to my friends in India, love you guys!)

It’s much deeper than meeting other cultures and seeing different places, this is why I love to travel!

Learning about new cultures and taking pictures are really cool stuff but there is something bigger behind this traveling thing. I already mentioned emotions which you feel during and after the travel. It’s even bigger than that! Emotions are short term and can change in a second, but the feeling that goes through your whole body and mind when remembering the experience you had? That is the real stuff! That is the true meaning of traveling. First task is to have the experience during your trip, something that changed you and something that made you a little bit more complete (it is also important that you are aware of it, that it actually happened). And then there is the second part. Feeling.  One, real, true feeling of the experience that nobody can take away from you. No matter if the experience was good or bad, you need to be happy about it, because it made you greater as a person and you learned from it.


Finally, it’s time to meet the real „You“

We have no idea how little we know about ourselves. What we want of our lives, what we have and what we are capable of. Many things in our lives like childhood, school, people we hang out with, books and places, might be the things that help us determine ourselves, but not completely . Traveling won’t give you the answer, but it will open you a small piece of the rock which is a great first step to get to know yourself. Some of the people don’t need traveling for that. They realized it through other aspects of life, but most people still don’t know who they are, and traveling is an amazing way to step out of your comfort zone and start looking for the answer. We should feel great in every moment of our lives and traveling makes it so easy, so start with that. This is why every person should feel the taste of traveling. This is why we love to travel!

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