Travel To Croatia

Travel To Croatia

Zagreb Advent

Istaknuta Slika Advent

Enjoy the capital of Croatia during these magical days.


Ice Park

Close your eyes. Envision you are playing out a dynamite pirouette in a delightful ice park. Are you getting a charge out of this magical feeling? This is actually what awaits you in King Tomislav Square – a magical winter idyll on ice. Your fantasy is genuine – it happens directly between the Art Pavilion and the statue of the main Croatian ruler, Tomislav.


Advent on Zrinjevac

One of the most prevalent and most wonderful images of Zagreb, Zrinjevac Park is the ideal spot to rest your body and your spirit as well. An escape from regular daily existence to the recreation center with a rear entryway of 220 plane trees is similarly mysterious in all seasons. When you think about Christmas, do you think about your youth and family social events around the Christmas tree, Christmas tunes and the aroma of your grandmother’s dishes? If you want to truly relive those happy memories, the Advent on Zrinjevac is the ideal spot for you. Aside from appreciating one of a kind Christmas decorations and carefully assembled gifts from chosen neighborhood craftmen you will have the chance to enjoy – the nearly overlooked – Zagreb culinary specialties. Indeed, we are talking about the outstanding Krpice sa Zeljem (Pasta with Cabbage), a staple of Zagreb cuisine. Also, don’t worry, there’ll be a lot of strudels too.

Fooling Around

A universe of magic at Strossmayer square. Strossmayer square in the core of Zagreb, among Zrinjevac and Tomislav square, during the Advent season, is turning into a beautiful striking canvas. Find stimulation, nourishment, enchantment, dreams and, most importantly, a ton of fun.

Advent on European Square

Are you searching for a decent time amidst of youthful inventive individuals, and simultaneously want to see a decent movie, warm yourself with a cup of mulled wine or simply locate a pleasant Christmas souvenir? Look no further! The European Square arranged in the very heart of the city, turns into a beautifull gathering place for youngsters during the Advent season. A rich offer of shows, attractions and displays – comparable to other European urban areas – makes this spot an unquestionable requirement for every one searching for a good time. Feeling youthful and favoring a genuine ‘urban style’? This is the spot for you!

Christmas Tale

Winter magic is back at the focal city square with another release of Zagreb Christmas Tale. The imaginative scenography that turned into the trademark of the most recent year’s Advent in Zagreb will be updated and we will show all guests a magical Christmas fantasy in downtown Zagreb.

Advent in Maksimir

Practically around the corner from the clamoring city roads and asphalts, just behind the main entrance to Maksimir Park, you will find an Advent oasis where grown-ups and youngsters can have a great time. Workshops, evening shows, a wacky photograph establishment from the Museum of Illusion, an intriguing spot courtesy of the Natural History Museum, a selection of fine food and drinks and so much more – and this in the close area of the Zoo. Coming in Maksimir Park is the ideal family afternoon.

Cafe de Matoš

Find antiquated Zagreb with components of charm from cafés of days long gone and immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere in the company of street musicians, artists and engaging entertainers. Every one of these components serve to spread love and the sentimental soul of the Upper Town.

Advent on Stross

Appreciate the Christmas environment with a perspective on the city!
At the point when we long for Advent and Christmas occasions, we consider fine nourishment, sparkly lights and delightful improvements, of blissful music, all to be appreciated in the company of individuals we care about the most.
Coming at Stross resembles a community in its very own right, obliging every one of your needs, body and psyche. Come and live your Christmas dream in the most sentimental spot in Zagreb’s Upper Town, appreciate every day shows and DJ entertainment, bring your youngsters to have some good times at weekend art workshops, spoil yourself with extraordinary meals and drinks and appreciate the most astonishing perspectives on Zagreb.

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Zagreb Advent

Christmas time is when Zagreb turns into a winter wonderland. Feel Christmas magic, funky music on every corner, ice skating in the city centre and smell of cinnamon and mulled wine.

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