Zagreb city and wine tour

Taste the rich Croatian wine and food culture in the heart of the country.

520 HRK/69€

price per person

Wine and food tasting

City tour /3-3.5 hours

minimum 2 people

Wine city tour

Hey there wine lover and welcome to capital of Croatia, Zagreb! This historical, yet urban city will make you fall in love into his rich culture. Being situated in the heart of Croatia and surrounded with the four main wine regions, Zagreb is the perfect place to experience and taste all the best wines from Croatia. Let the true local foodie and wine lover take you on the city tour, leading you through the vibrant streets, sharing town secrets, and giving you the local insight into the way of living and eating, which of course, includes a sip of good wine.


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Main Square
Meet the guide at the square of Ban Jelačić and start the walk through the lively streets of the city lower town.

Ride with the shortest funicular in the world towards the upper town where you will be able to see beautiful Zagreb panorama and some of the most important and historical city landmarks.
Upper Town
Get your cameras ready and listen carefully! Upper town preserves Zagreb’s history and secrets that are just waiting to be revealed.
What do you think about the vineyard in the middle of the city? Yep, you read it right, tour will take you to see this special and unique location.

Dolac Market
Taste the Croatian cuisine through delicious meat and cheese finger food and shop like a true local in the most famous farmer’s market in Croatia.


Zagreb Cathedral
Symbol of the city and the most impressive gothic-style sacral building southeast of the Alps.


Wine bar
Cozy atmosphere of the oldest wine cellar in Zagreb will make you feel comfortable while you enjoy a glass of good Croatian wine. Wine expert is taking you on the taste journey through six wines, followed by olive oil and cheese tapas.

Main Square
Ban Josip Jelačić Square


Local licensed guide

Funicular ride fee

Taisting of 6 Croatian wines

Wine expert presentation

Meat and cheese snacks and tapas

(Start time 10 – 11 a.m. / Sunday excluded)

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Viva La Vida Travel

520 HRK/69€

price per person

Wine and food tasting

City tour /3-3.5 hours

minimum 2 people

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