Travel To Croatia

Travel To Croatia

Claim The Iron Throne: Stop The Mad Queen


Now that the Lannisters are (almost) out of the way, it’s time to claim the Iron Throne. The only question is: will it be you or the Mother of Dragons?

That’s right, nothing is over yet. The First of Her Name could walk in the city of ashes but she hasn’t yet sat on the throne that kept you on your toes for the last several years. And while Danny needs to decide what her final move will be, we invite you to think about what kind of ruler would you be. Another Mad King or Mad Queen. The next Joffrey? Or maybe more like Samwell Tarly, ruling with kindness and grace? But remember, you have little time as it’s only a matter of hours and minutes before closing the last chapter of this exciting story that took all of us on a wild roller coaster of emotions, and left us shocked at the very end.

If the names mentioned above ring a bell (pun intended) for you, you don’t need another reason to Travel To Croatia. Welcome to the King’s Landing!


Ready to discover where Euron was hiding when he killed one of Danny’s kids? Or want to dive into the Adriatic searching for Rhaegal? Hop on board! Green World Holidays is taking you sailing in the very south of the King’s Landing, where the islands are so different from each other you will recognise each of the characters in them. No matter if you would love to enjoy the wilderness of Mljet or take a stroll down the streets of an island where Marco Polo was born, you will enjoy both tranquillity and adventure. You can rent a jet ski and explore all the positions of the Iron Fleet or search for hidden caves, where Jamie promised to keep Cersei safe.

If you would rather embark on the mission of finding the only passage inside the city walls where Drogon’s fire wouldn’t get you, be ready to find hidden treasures in a form of traditional Mediterranean food, wine and spices which would even Cersei approve. A feast for all your senses, your appetite for learning more about this historical city, known also as the Pearl of the Adriatic, will only grow bigger, maybe even greater than the Cersei’s trust in the Golden Company and the Red Keep being the safest place in the city.

When all the adventures leave you tired but happy, rest your feet by the sea and listen to the waves telling you stories about kings and queens that ruled the real-life King’s Landing that is Dubrovnik, centuries before the George R. R. Martin’s imagination captured the attention of the entire world.

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