Travel To Croatia

Travel To Croatia

Tips For Packing With No Stress


How many of you had said, „it’s too early I still have time“ and then end up going to the beach without flipflop? There is nothing worse than knowing that your favourite jeans are left at home or that you will have  to take a long ride without the headphones. Don’t worry there are some tricks you can use to make sure that you will pack everything you need. Here are some of the tips that will make your packing nightmares go away. 

Start on time

Sounds silly but it is never too early to start thinking about the things you have to bring. Do your research about the place you are visiting and make sure you will pack the right clothing for the season and the weather. Moreover, starting on time will reduce stress and give you a better judgement of the things you really need. So after booking a flight or deciding on your next vacation destination start thinking about what could you wear at night, could it start raining and do you really need a sun cream. Planning the adventure will make time go faster and you will get more excited about the upcoming trip.


Find a perfect suitcase

Having the right suitcase is like having a good hair day. If the things would not fit or you are having a struggle of taking too many it can ruin even the sunniest day. Suitcases with a lot of little compartments are perfect for storing things you want to separate and make sure they arrive safe. Make sure that you separate the liquid suptances (shampoo, creams, parfume) from the rest of the clothing to avoid spilling. Always have with you extra plastic bags and containters, just in case you will need it for later. If you are traveling with plane check the sizes of the bags allowed on an airplanes website and avoid the extra changes. Keep your wallet full and head clear so think twice about the suitcase that is right for the occasion.

Make a check list

The most important tip we can give you, make a check list few days before and keep adding things you need to bring. On the day of packing it will make your life so much easier. Just following the list you will make sure that nothing will be left behind and it will make you feel like packing was accomplished in a way that true professionals would do it.

Extra tip: list can be divided into 3 colors, as the traffic light has the color green, yellow and red. Green would show things that are most needed, yellow the ones that could be supstitute with something else and red the ones that can be left behind if there is no extra space. This tip is mostly valuable if you are packing for a longer period and you are looking to make the most of the clothing you are bringing.

Check list

Turn on the hits!

Music won’t pack your suitcase but will for sure make you dance and play. Catchy lyrics will not only make your stress go away but also show you that rolling and choosing outfits can be fun if you are doing it with hit such as „dancing queen“. So if you are still thinking what could you do to take packing to the next level, music is always a good idea.

Roll and vacuum pack

When it comes to organization, it is a key to success in life and packing. By rolling your jeans and shirts you will avoid wrinkles and extra time spend on ironing. Furthermore, use of vacuum pack can add huge amount of extra space you can use for shoes or cosmetics. Vacuum bags are smart investment and an easy way of making sure you can put that additional sweater in case of a rain.

Extra tip: rolling the clothes is not the only way you can save space. There is a technique of pyramidal assembling where you start with putting all your jeans on top of each other, after that shirts and sweaters, ending with underwear. When you put everything you want to pack on top of each other you start twisting the ends to the middle until you get to the last layer and you are left with one ball of all your clothes in one place. It will look bigger but it really is saving a lot of space. The only problem you will have is that when you come to your vacation spot, you will have to unpack everything to get the item you want but on the bright side, there will be much more item than you thought you could bring.


Fill in the dead space

Be smart packer rather than the one that will leave something because the luggage is already full. Use shoes as a storage for socks, pockets as a safe place for jewelry. Your imagination can do wonders, all you need is make sure you used every square centimetar of the space. This technique will not only get you more things to take but will also minimize the damage outdoor activities can have on your luggage in the transportation. When you think you are done with packing have a last look at your suitcase and make sure all those little compartments are filled and secured.

If traveling by airplane weight your luggage

The last but not least, weight your luggage to avoid any stress going to the airport. Nobody really needs 5 pairs of shoes or 3 coasts, weighting your suitcase at home will give you a possibility to leave some things behind or put more clothing on yourself, we all sometimes do that, don’t we?

There was a time I was going home from a trip not thinking I could have bought that many things and my suitcase had 5kg more than it was allowed. As there was no other way of taking my things with no extra charges I went to the airplane with 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts and 2 jackets. My suitcase was safe on a plane with no extra payments but I had the longest ride thinking how much I want a plane to lend to take off all those extra layers. My story was a lesson I will never repeat because if I had just weighted my luggage the experience would be totally different but on the other hand I wouldn’t have this story to tell. If you find yourself with extra weight that you don’t know what to do with ask a friend for help if you are not traveling alone or do as I did, trust me you will have quite a story to tell.

Flight travel

Packing can be stressful but organisation and time management will take the edge of it. At the end of a day what is important is that your are going on well deserved vacation and getting that suitcase ready is the only thing between you and that vacation spot, so why stressing about it. Follow our simple tips and you will be ready to take your vacation days in style. Don’t worry that you will forget something, pack with no stress and you will do everything right.

We hope that our tips will be of great benefit to your next packing and that your following vacation will lead you to some place memorable and of rich historical value, maybe even to our city of Zagreb.

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