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Travel To Croatia

Luxury In The Very Heart Of Zagreb

Hotel Room

Europe’s capitals will capture your heart because of the views you wake up to and Croatia’s city of million hearts, Zagreb is no different. A harmonious mixture of old and new, retro and modern, this capital and its vibrant streets will embed in your memory. Because of a big palette of events and must see places to visit throughout the whole year, make sure you have a comfy bed to rest before all the adventures. To help you out a bit, we are introducing some of our favourite  places to stay while in Zagreb:

Hotel Esplanade

At the beginning of the 20th century, the two best-known inns of the time became too small for the increasing number of travelers arriving in Zagreb on the famous Orient Express train. As the recently opened hotel, on Zrinjevac Square, could not satisfy the needs of a growing town, the building of a new luxurious hotel became a necessity. The hotel was to be built on a large field, near the railway station – at that time the only link with Europe and the rest of the world.

In 1917 the international tender was opened, with participation of many outstanding architects of that time, including the famous Swiss Alfred Loos, who however did not win the contest. The winner was a German Otto Rehnig, whose original plans have been alternated by Croatian well known architect Dionis Sunko, who today is considered as architect of this masterpiece of Belle Époque building.

From well known writers, painters, Hollywood actors, singers, athletes to politicians and royal families, they all enjoyed exclusive VIP treatment and left the hotel with special memories. Some of the guests were Asta Nielsen, Gitta Alpar, Josephine Baker, Charles Lindbergh, King of Egypt, Arthur Rubinstein, Orson Welles, Elisabeth Taylor, Anita Ekberg, Maria Callas, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Leonid Brezhnev, Edmund Kohl, Ike and Tina Turner, Cliff Richard, Eros Ramazzotti and many more.

Hotel Esplanade
Photo: Hotel Esplanade


Hotel Dubrovnik

Around 100 years ago, Zagreb was a very small city, emerging into a bigger city. Our city was built and designed by big European architects and we are grateful to those sculptors that gave their art to Zagreb. In 1829, the construction of Pavle Hatz’s house had finished – he was a merchant and a respectable citizen and mayor of Zagreb from 1872 – 1873. There was a big café that was located on the first floor of his house. After exactly 100 years, in 1929 the café was torn down and a hotel was built and named by the merchant named Milinov. In 1942 the whole place was remodeled once again and the hotel was named Hotel Dubrovnik after it was bought by business owners located in the city of Dubrovnik and the café was renamed “Café Dubrovnik”. From that day on, the hotel and café are located on the same position, filled with tradition and true hospitality values.

There is a special room in Hotel Dubrovnik, room 424 because that is where the statue of Mercury is located, right on the window. In Roman mythology, Mercury was the God of travel and merchant, the messenger of the Gods. The planet located in our solar system and the chemical element was named after roman god. The name of the architect that designed this statue on the hotel was Anton Dominik Ritter van Fenkorn, German-Austrian sculptor who also sculpted the statue of baron Josip Jelačić on the square in front of the hotel. Legend says that if you stay in this room, you will be blessed with luck.

Hotel Dubrovnik
Photo: Hotel Dubrovnik


Hotel Palace

Hotel Palace Zagreb took its place in the old city palace, right next to the historic city park in the city center. The palace was originally named Schlesinger’s palace, built in 1891 for Karl Schlesinger, and since 1907 it has started working as the first organized hotel in Zagreb. Its appearance and style of construction is one of the few examples of neo-classic style. Since then, the hotel has been upgraded and adapted several times, and technically perfected so that nowadays the rooms are a blend of modern technology and an old 19th century secessionist style in which the hotel is built.

The hotel successfully combines the comfort of a modern lifestyle with a warm retro-chic atmosphere created by its stylish furniture and modernist interior. The Palace Hotel Zagreb is the ideal choice for guests who visit Zagreb on business, as tourists or as part of the increasingly popular makeover tourism, the latter being offered particularly favourable accommodation price.

Hotel Palace Zagreb
Photo: Palace Zagreb


The Westin

The Westin Zagreb Hotel is centrally located in the very heart of Zagreb.The hotel is situated in a leafy green area adjacent to the Mimara Museum and the world famous National Theatre and Opera House and is within easy walking distance to the central square, markets, the many trendy cafés, restaurants, designer boutiques, rich cultural attractions and capital city business destinations. Recognized for offering discreet surroundings and professional, caring service, The Westin Zagreb is a regular host to high profile local, national and international events. It has been the favorite home-away-from-home for visiting royalty, world leaders, international dignitaries and other travelers seeking the calm comfort of a modern luxury hotel.

Hotel Westin Zagreb
Photo: The Westin Zagreb


Hotel Le Premier

Le Premier is housed in a 20th-century palace (built  in 1923 by the architect Lav Kalda famous Croatian artist , representative of  the generation of architects inspired by the Viennese secession) which was transformed into a  luxurious boutique hotel with sixty-two rooms and a penthouse presidential apartment. Its elegant exterior conceals a regal interior architecture with modern rooms that boast high ceilings and large windows.

Respect for the building‘s elegance in its stately main staircase and the marble  in public areas, coexist with the absolute quality of its spacious rooms in which warm, neutral colours make our guests feel as if they were staying in one of the aristocratic private residences. Make sure to stop for a mouthwatering meal made by a Michelin star Chef.

Hotel Le Premier Zagreb
Photo: Hotel Le Premier

Whether you want to enjoy your coffee in a retro nook, at the same table as some of the big names of the show business industry or enjoy everything a modern design can offer, Zagreb is the place for you. Time travelling or a trip to the future – the choice is yours.

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