Travel To Croatia

Travel To Croatia

Luxury In The Middle Of An Idyllic Wilderness


Imagine a crystal blue lake, laying in the middle of very high cliffs like a little puddle. There are thousands of little paths taking you down from the highest cliff to the place where the lake and the land touch. While you are dipping your toes into the water, you look up and all you can see is a clear blue sky, the same colour as the lake – and nothing more. All that surrounds you is peace and quiet.

It might sound like a place you can only dream about but it’s real. And that’s why you should Travel to Croatia.

The Blue Lake is the pearl of Imotski and Dalmatian Hinterland – the southern inland region of Croatia. It is situated between the coast and famous destinations like Split and Makarska, and the border with Herzegovina.


This region is a birthplace of many folk ballads, out of which the most famous one is a story about Hasanaginica. Even today, when you visit the Blue Lake, you will hear locals telling you stories about fairies that guard the lake, the medieval fortress and caves at the top of the cliffs and many kings, queens, knights and lords that have travelled through the region and left a great legacy that lives to this day.

Ever since the old times, Dalmatian Hinterland has been known as a rugged and karst land, blessed by springs that bring clear water. The region is also known for unique indigenous wine, and oenological secrets and family recipes are passed down from generation to generation. This is the case of Grabovac Winery, known for many awards and recognitions and the opportunity to visit their vineyards, wine cellars, followed by tasting and enjoying some homemade and homegrown delicacies.

Winery Croatia

Hidden in the valley between the mountains, Dalmatian Hinterland is the perfect destination to relax, enjoy the nature in all its glory – lakes, rivers, waterfalls, canyons – it has it all. Whether you want to get lost in the vineyards, enjoy the local cuisine, go rafting or kayaking, hike or climb the hills, pick fruits and vegetables on your own, or just sit on a terrace, with a glass of wine in your hand and listen to the silence while looking at the mountains, it is time you start planning your vacation here. Besides all that has been mentioned before, this gem of a region is also known for vacation homes – a luxurious getaways where you can sunbathe, swim in a pool and play sports. One of the homes that has it all and more, is locally known as Mandalina, which is situated in a peaceful little village called Proložac Donji. Located only a few kilometres from the Blue Lake and 20 minutes from the coast, it is a perfect place for a family vacation or an exciting and adrenaline pumped vacation with friends.


If your taste buds are craving some unique food, made in the old-fashioned way or indigenous wine produced according to family secrets passed down from generation to generation, Dalmatian Hinterland is the place that should find its way to your to-visit list. While enjoying the cuisine and the view from the vineyards or the hills, make sure to plan a day trips to the coast, the islands or just to the nearest lake or a river – it’s equally magical. And if you have been to Croatia before, you will know exactly what are we talking about.

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