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Travel To Croatia

12 Tips For Traveling On A Budget

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Just by opening and reading this article we can tell that you are one of those people that loves to take occasional trips and make the most of every and each one of them while still staying on a budget. Nowadays, traveling is becoming more and more popular and all kinds of travel arrangements are aiming you from the moment you go on any of your social media platforms. You are thinking that most of them are too expensive and that you can manage the trip better on your own? If you have decided to take on the adventure on your own we are here to help, enjoy the reading and take notes.

1. Do the research

We are sure that you already know that traveling during the off-season is the cheapest and the only thing you have to do is check when it is. Each country has it’s own off-season periods when not only the prices got lower but there is less tourist too which is translated to less crowded areas and easier access to the monumental places that are on your bucket list.

2. Stay in hostels

In the past hostels where known as places that have seen better days and only the brave ones would choose to book a bed in the hostel. Today there is less and less difference between hostel and hotel. Staff is equally hospitable, beds are always cleaned on time and most hostels are offering breakfast services. Everything is almost the same but the prices are much lower which is something you are looking for while traveling on a budget. So don’t be scared that by booking hostel you will be sleeping with cockroaches, on the contrary, you can enjoy your stay with other people that think as you do.

3. Use travel apps

Extremely useful things that will help you move around. There are all kinds of apps from the ones that recommend restaurants to the ones with the full reviews of the attractions and places that are highly recommended. With travel apps, you can just win so don’t hesitate and before your next adventure download as many as you can find.

4. Wait for those big sale dates

Everyone knows about Black Friday but it is not the only time in the year when you can find low prices. Travel companies have their sales periods more times a year and they are usually at the same time every year. Doing a bit of the research and waiting for the next sale period can save you a lot of money that you will need when you come to your wanted destination. So be patient and do the research, it is not that hard to travel on a budget after all.

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5. Magical Tuesday and Wednesday

Yes, those two days really have their magic because flights just get cheaper. This is the unwritten rule and it is not by any form confirmed but anyone that had looked at the same flight for days will tell you that prices were the lowest during Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are thinking of booking a flight any time soon wait to book it on those two days because it is probably one of the easiest ways on how to stay in your travel budget.

6. Think outside the box

Famous phrase not used that often in real life but you can change that. Standard overnight facilities can be easily changed with for instance renting a tent. They are much cheaper accommodation that you can choose from and by renting out a tent you can spend some time in nature. Falling asleep under the stars, you have to admit that it sounds wonderful and that one time experience is not gonna be forgotten. One of the best adventures of your life can happen only by choosing a different place to sleep in and if you are not looking for much of a comfort, a tent is a perfect example you can try.

7. Make friendship with travelers

You can always use one more friend and those ones that travel value more. There is no better recommendation than from a person that has experienced it and travelers know the best on which things you should give attention to travel on a budget. Those people are not here just for advice, they will be willing to join you and together you will have more fun and maybe you will see all the wonders of the world.

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8. Travel overnight

This tip is used by all experienced travelers. Overnight rides are more affordable and that is not the only bright side it has. If you travel by night to some long distance destination it will shorten your time because most of your travel you will be sleeping. Also, overnight travel saves you money on accommodation because you have just saved two nights of sleeping in a hotel and if you want to stay on the budget this travel tip is something you should start practicing.

9. Don’t buy souvenirs

Yes, they are nice reminders of the places you have seen but let us be real, do you really need them. Almost anything can be captured with a photo and souvenirs are getting more and more expensive. Not to mention that if you are traveling regularly your house will be filled with things that are pretty much not having any purpose. So don’t waste money on the things you really don’t need and spend it on the ones that will make you feel happy that you are alive.


10.  Google free activities

Maybe it is just a gathering in a bar or an exhibition in a museum. There are plenty of choices cities are offering for free. Also, most of them are always free especially if you are a student or under 26 years old. They will for sure be a source of fun and at the end of the day, you will look at it as time well spent. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun just be creative and use Google, it knows almost everything!

11. Choose budget-friendly destinations

Those cities exist. Sometimes it is not the capital but a small hidden gem of a country you would consider expensive. You will be surprised how many cities can be on your list. Cities that offer a lot but don’t ask for much money in return. One of the exceptions for the capital is our city of Zagreb were for not a lot of money you can see, try and taste a lot. So don’t let time pass you and start planning your next trip, it can be cheaper then you think.

12. Go for a walking tour

By far the best way to see the whole city and learn about the culture you are visiting. Each city is offering one of them and they are not hard to find or book. The historical city of Zagreb is having one of those interactive city tours that are by all the needs different from the other. If we made you curious check our web site and see it for yourself!

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Staying on the budget is a skill that is developed through time and with each new trip, you will get better and better at it. Don’t worry if in the past you were known as a person that would spend a fortune on a trip, that can be easily changed even with following our little tips. If you can find a time to travel but you think you don’t have enough money, start planning the trip, traveling is the only investment that gives back twice you spend and as you can see to travel on a budget brings fun on its own way!

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