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10 Best Things To Do In Zagreb

10 Best Things to Do in Zagreb II

Zagreb is a beautiful city with a million hearts. It is young and playful at heart, despite its almost thousand-year-old history. What to expect from Zagreb? In this city, you can easily meet remarkable people, make new friends, and enjoy special moments. We are giving you 10 Best Things to Do in Zagreb!

Over the centuries, the city was inhabited by people coming from all over Europe; and, in recent years, by people coming from different parts of Croatia, ensuring a rich cultural life. Zagreb is a safe city whose doors are always open; a city with an exciting history full of interesting personalities. The best thing to do in Zagreb, when you first arrive, is to take in Zagreb’s wonderful atmosphere.

We are giving you the 10 best recommendations on what to do in Zagreb, to help you feel the spirit of this beautiful city, and make you want to come and visit Zagreb again.


1) Drinking coffee in Zagreb

Drinking a coffee is definitely a must do in Zagreb. You might wonder why is this activity so special for us. Well, actually it is not about the coffee itself, it is more like a term used for inviting your friends and colleagues out for a meeting where you spend hours enjoying talking and spending time with in good company. There are not so many cultures where you can see this tradition, but Croats really cherish the time spent with friends, family and colleagues. Save some time and spend it with the people you love, Zagreb is a perfect place to awaken this habit, isn’t it?


2) Visit „not an ordinary“ museum

Second on the list of things to do in Zagreb is visiting “not an ordinary” museum. In the past couple of years, Zagreb became one of the top destinations in Europe. Despite the amazing Advent in Zagreb, held every year before Christmas, Zagreb is also offering a lot of attractions and experiences which are not so common in other cities, the same thing applies to museums:

The Museum of Broken Relationships

The collection of items which represent the break up stories from all around the world was the brilliant idea of two Croatian artists who ended their relationship after four years and didn’t know what to do with the items they shared. After a number of years, the collection went on a world tour and more donations were collected, this project won the Kenneth Hudson Award, given out by the European Museum Forum for the most unusual, daring and, perhaps, controversial achievement that challenges common perceptions of the role of museums in society. Today, the collection is placed in The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.

For more information visit the Museum of Broken relationships website.

The Museum of Illusions

One of the rare museums where they encourage you to bring your camera with you. This museum is a place which seems like you would run through it a second, but can actually take you hours and hours of exploring the illusion rooms, pictures, and objects. There is also a room with puzzles and riddles which will turn your one hour visit turn into hours of fun and joy. Especially during a rainy day, this museum is worth taking a look at while visiting Zagreb.

For more info visit the Museum of Illusions website.

The Museum of Torture

The Tortureum is a museum which will send you back to ancient time and tell the story of how people were presenting fear. Various objects which were built to torture people are placed in this museum, sending a clear message that all kinds of torture existed and still exist. We should make ourselves aware of it and try to put it all behind us, in this museum, so it becomes only history. For more info visit the Museum of Torture website.


3) Take a walk in Zagreb’s parks and enjoy the lakes in Zagreb

The first thing you might notice while walking around the streets of Zagreb is a lot of green in the heart of the city center. Zagreb can be proud of its beautiful parks, helping you forget about the traffic, problems at work, and all the other negativity you are surrounded with. Sometimes we just need 15 minutes of peace and quiet and our day is going to be great again!

Park Zrinjevac

Two minutes’ walk from the Main Square (Jelačić Square) and you are in this green paradise. Park Zrinjevac is the perfect place to sit on the grass and open your favorite book, or maybe you want to have a relaxing afternoon after lunch. During the evening this park is still alive, with organized concerts and festivals almost every week.

Park Maksimir

Not so much in the city center, but if you are a jogging person or you want to visit the ZOO in Zagreb, park Maksimir is the perfect place for you. Kilometers of running roads, surrounded with tall trees and small lakes will totally make you forget where you are. Refresh your brain and start the day the way you deserve it.

Jarun Lake

A seven kilometers long road around the lake for walking, running, cycling, or roller skating will make you feel the sport spirit in Zagreb. It is also a great place highly recommended for taking a coffee or drinking a cocktail in the evening and enjoying the sunset.


4) Visit Dolac Market

You want to try best fruits and vegetables in Zagreb? Get a flower for your partner or just meet the locals and find out some interesting stories about them or the city? Dolac Market has it all, plus beautiful red umbrellas covering the whole market giving it a warm color and atmosphere.


5) Take an interactive tour by solving the riddles – Escape Zagreb

Walking around and listening to random historical facts about the city is not your style? Try this interactive tour and make your own story about Zagreb! Travel through time, solve the epic riddles, explore the streets, complete The Task, and meet the legends of Zagreb.

Once you start this interactive game, you will never turn back. Are you ready for a challenge? It’s time to Escape Zagreb!

For more info check the Escape Zagreb Tour


6) Enjoy delicious Croatian craft beers

If you want to find the refresher after the walking tour in Zagreb, then it should be one of plenty domestic craft beers which almost every bar in the city can offer. Zagreb’s craft beer boom happened  about 2 years ago and is still growing. Today, there are so many kinds of beers that any beer lover will find his favorite. Most of them have really cool bottle designs, too, so it can be a great souvenir to bring home with you. The most common street for the craft beers is definitely Opatovina street.


7) Feel the fresh air of Medvednica mountain

Parks and lakes are not enough for you? If you want to make it extreme or just enjoy a high altitude view of the city of Zagreb, a 2.5 hour hike will give you this opportunity. Enjoy the color and the voice of nature, fresh air, and delicious cuisine on the top of Medvednica mountain. On foot, by bike or by public transportation, the choice is yours, as the legends of the this magical forest and mountain are still hidden and waiting for you.


8) Go shopping in Zagreb

Just so we can cover all, Zagreb is a perfect place to go shopping. While many of its shopping malls are just outside the city center, Zagreb can also offer you a great shopping experience starting right on the Main Square. The street called Ilica, the longest street in Zagreb, gives you opportunity to enjoy all the famous brands. If there is anything missing, don’t worry, one of the crossing streets (such as Frankopanska street, Flower Square, etc.) will probably provide you what you are looking for which is the main reason why shopping is definitely on the list of the things to do in Zagreb. The biggest shopping centers are Arena Center, Avenue Mall, West Gate, City Center One, and Garden Mall – Supernova.


9) Feel the nightlife in Zagreb

To complete the 24 hour experience in Zagreb you should not miss the nightlife! Various kinds of music and spacious clubs will make you dance all night and meet interesting people. From the small cozy bars with alternative music such as Alcatraz, Old Pharmacy Pub, and Tolkien’s House, to the huge disco clubs like Opera Club, Gallery, or Hangar, Zagreb will not let you leave without at least one crazy adventure! If you are seeking new party company, join one of Zagreb’s Pub Crawls.


10) Take a 24 hour party trip to the  Croatian Ibiza

Starting from the summer of 2018, Zagreb is offering a new party experience! If Zagreb’s nightlife is not enough for you, then you should definitely take a look at this trip called cruise2zrće. Zrće Beach, also called the Croatian Ibiza, is one of the most famous party destinations in the world. With four of its clubs ranked within the top 35 in the world, Zrće beach will give you a festive feeling like nowhere else! With a beach to relax and swim, pool after parties, and night parties cover everything you need to let loose from the everyday life. Cruise2zrće includes party bus transportation, entrance to Papaya Club for the after party and the night party, a free cocktail, and animation during the trip. This is your chance to have the complete party experience in just one day and feel the summer in Croatia.


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